Nova Bistrot

If you are looking for an authentic and traditional French dining experience, you need not look further than Nova.  With rich flavoring, exquisitely crafted menus, and a warm atmosphere, the Novas create a culinary delight.  Whether dining on the terrace observing passers by at Dagu Road, or admiring the dazzling views along the Huangpu River, or dining in the comfort and warmth of the bistro, your time at Nova is sure to be memorable.

Nova Bar and Restaurants first came on the scene in Shanghai in October 2006 making its grand opening at 418 Dagu Road, Jingan District.

The Novas pride themselves on their welcoming ambience and the authenticity of their cuisine as designed by chef Arnaud Daviet.

If you find yourself in Paris, France, be sure to stop in at our bar, Le Sputnik in the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood in the 13th arrondissement.